Realtors Info: Rural Property, Homes on Acreage
(Clackamas County, Oregon)

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When considering a Clackamas County property purchase or sale you can depend on the Lockwood Real Estate Team of Oregon Realty Company. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge ensures your home-buying, home-field advantage. Rest assured knowing you’ve hired agents possessing keen insight into the multitude of technical details required to reduce potential risk while increasing your chance of success in a number of key ares. Our proven practices in handling rural acreage purchases and sales cover important topics such as water wells, septic systems, soil composition, power, marketable timber and land use. We are the added value at the table when buying or selling horse property, commercial farms, ski chalets, river-front homes or acreage within Clackamas County Oregon.

Is Your Dream A Home On Acreage?

We’ll help make your dream of owning a home on acreage in the country come to fruition. We do the “homework” and put our extensive experience in coordinating with local experts addressing: water wells, aquifers, soil, timber, flood plains, septic systems, land use regulations, and property boundaries. We negotiate hard to maximize your benefit. We work for you. We help you stake your claim in this amazing land of wonder and rugged surprise. We are the Lockwood Real Estate Team of Clackamas County at Oregon Realty. We grew up here. We know the land here. We are your Agent working for you. Towering Snow Cap Mountains that reach to the heavens, forest land abundant with Deer and Elk rushing rivers teaming with Salmon that flow to lush meadows onward to rich fertile farm valleys; Clackamas County is a good place to do life. A place where you can gain a personal & up close understanding of what wild-caught and organically grown truly mean.