Deriving its name from the adjacent Sandy River, the town is known as the “Gateway To Mount Hood.” By area, most “Sandy, Oregon real estate” is actually outside the city limits but within the town’s 97055 zip code. With fun local events such as the Sandy Mountain Festival with its carnival attractions, parades and concerts to the fall Oktoberfest featuring local craft brews and entertainment, Sandy, Oregon is fun for the whole family. Nearby real estate close to Mt Hood offers proximity to destination skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing in addition to hiking camping and climbing in the summer. For others, nothing beats owning Sandy, Oregon real estate that’s minutes away from dropping a line for a Steelhead in the Sandy River or trout fishing in one of the many lakes in located in Mt Hood’s wilderness. As Realtors and members of the community we enjoy all of these local, northwest activities. Whether you want room for horses, crops or just room for your workshop and a place for the kids to play outside it’s all here.


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Feel free to use the above mortgage calculator to get an idea of the Principal and Interest (also called P.I.) mortgage payment for Sandy, Oregon real estate. Please bear in mind that homes for sale in Sandy, OR and all of Clackamas County are subject to real estate property taxes and if you have a mortgage you’ll also need insurance. Home mortgage professionals and loan officers refer to the complete payment as P.I.T.I. (Principal Interest Taxes & Insurance). Give us a call if you’re curious about the property taxes for a specific property. Sandy, Oregon real estate taxes are based on the “assessed value” and when we tell you the property taxes keep in mind that some rural acreage properties may be under various property tax deferral programs which may/may-not transfer to you, the new owner. Also, new construction may still be assessed as bare land or unimproved acreage within the greater Sandy area. Upon purchase of real estate, the property taxes may be reassessed now that there is a home and/or improvements made. When you find a property you like we’ll be able to research the exact particulars, helping you get information about real estate in Sandy directly from the sources at Clackamas County, the title insurance company or your loan officer as applicable. These tax and farm/forest tax deferral issues are unique to rural acreage real estate which is why its important to have Realtors who understand rural housing working for you.

USDA Zero-Down Rural Property Financing*: There are a number of home and property mortgage options to consider when purchasing a home in the country. Many properties in the Sandy area qualify for U.S.D.A. 0% financing ( USDA Eligibility Website ). In the past, USDA loans had very strict guidelines against loaning on properties with barns, shops, riding arenas and other farm-related real estate improvements. In years past, these sometimes cumbersome rural property mortgage restrictions have greatly hampered the ability of rural home buyers to use USDA zero down loans to purchase country property or homes on acreage. However as of late, loan officers who we’re in contact with have stated that now non-commercial use properties known as “hobby farms” have started to become eligible on a case by case basis. Essentially, all of the factors that attract a buyer to a hobby farm also make the property into a potentially commercial use property. USDA is trying to ensure that the property and the USDA-backed loan is in fact for personal use and not a business.

You’ll want to immediately consult with a loan officer serving Sandy, Oregon about USDA financing as rules and regulations are constantly evolving. Keep in mind that many loan officers aren’t experienced Sandy Oregon real estate and USDA mortgages so feel free to call us and we’ll help you get in touch with a loan officer who specializes in USDA and other mortgages for our area.

Conventional Rural Home Financing*: Conventional financing is very popular for financing rural Sandy real estate and homes on acreage within certain guidelines. The bank will usually finance the property based on the home’s value (which may be somewhat influenced by land and improvements besides the house but only to a point). So long as the home’s appraised real estate value covers the purchase price there are few if any difficulties. Other factors may affect financing include land-use or zoning issues in that commercial-use acreage may not qualify for said financing depending on the exact loan scenario. At times, homes for sale on acreage may also have a commercial dairy or farm on the grounds and these may present unique challenges but are still very feasible with the proper approach. Other factors that can be an issue on some acreage property loans include water well tests, “Perc” tests which measure water in soil among others. Certain local banks specialize in “farm credit” type loans and these banks may choose to include the value of farm buildings, planted crops or salable timber in the loan amount.

Manufactured Homes (or mobile homes) & Mortgages*: Manufactured homes can be very popular on country real estate and acreage properties in that their quick setup bypasses costs of time-consuming home construction. Depending on how the manufactured home is installed on the property there are some banks that may be willing to finance such homes within certain guidelines. You may have to pay a somewhat higher interest rate or make a larger down payment but it’s still very possible to get a real estate loan for Clackamas County acreage property with a manufactured home. Just be prepared to jump through a few more hoops and also ensure that the property meets certain guidelines. The right acreage property in Sandy, OR with the right manufactured home on it can be an excellent way to buy real estate and live on acreage while saving money.

*This is general Sandy, Oregon real estate information and should be verified by the reader. Home loan guidelines are constantly changing and are subject to a number of credit & property approval factors outside the scope of our expertise as Sandy, OR Realtors. If needed, we can certainly introduce you to experienced rural housing loan officers but we don’t receive any compensation for making such introductions.

Types of Real Estate In Sandy, Oregon

Within the city limits of Sandy, Oregon are a number of neighborhoods and development for a wide range of tastes and budgets. However, many who live in the area prefer a more rural lifestyle in the surrounding unincorporated countryside on one of the many homes on acreage to choose from. The area is known for its view lots offering panoramic vistas of Mt Hood or the Sandy River to secluded getaways surrounded by majestic Douglas Fir trees. This area has much to offer those seeking refuge from city life. Perhaps we can show you a sprawling horse property with riding arena or a commercial farm growing bumper crops of strawberries and raspberries on our next Realtor’s tour. All this and more can be found in the countryside surrounding this wonderful place to live. Call your Sandy, Oregon real estate team when it’s time for you to own your part of this bountiful landscape.

Sandy, Oregon Realtors

As real estate agents and long-time residents of the Boring / Sandy, Oregon area it’s our privilege to share this area with you, our real estate clients. Let our in-depth local knowledge and Realtor’s experience in rural properties give you the home-field advantage. Let us know what features are most important to you and we’ll be your experienced advocates throughout your real estate endeavors. Whether you need workshops for toys, pastures, water-rights, or you want build your own and have questions about building permits we’ll help you connect with the proper resources and be by your side every step of the way. We’re Realtors helping Sandy, Oregon and we look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

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