About The Area

Clackamas County is situated more or less in the Willamette Valley of Oregon has a population of roughly 380,000 and a rather solid economic base that includes agriculture, outdoor recreation and commerce. Vast areas of land have made the region popular among seeking seeking the opportunity to farm, ranch or just be away from the demands of city life. Eastern areas of the region are defined by open spaces with healthy wildlife populations whereas more centrally located communities such as Happy Valley and Oregon City feature well planned communities and infrastructure. Wild rivers, volcanic fields, forested mountains and farm lands well describe this pacific wonderland.

Real Estate possibilities abound
from some of the most beautiful rolling hills estates in the Wilsonville Stafford area sporting wild horses roaming white fenced pastures to organic farms in Boring & Damascus to Luxury Homes in Lake Oswego and West Linn. The Sunnyside region of Happy Valley has many well appointed homes as well. You can still find large and small acreage parcels for sale at reasonable prices. 100 acre parcels are available for sale as well as 1 acre lots with varying improvements ranging from raw dirt to land with a house, riding arenas and work shops.