More About Beavercreek, Oregon

Beavercreek, Oregon is nothing short of an equestrian paradise. Homes on acreage with amenities like riding arenas, barns & stables not to mention rugged vistas and pastoral surroundings. Horse properties in the area often exceed 20 acres allowing room for growing one’s own hay, crops, or just having plenty of opportunities for riding trails, timber or anything else you might want. While horse properties in Beavercreek garner quite a bit of attention, others simply want some elbow room and a place to live in peace and quiet while raising a family. Whatever your real estate goals, our team offers you experience and dedicated service whether you need to buy or sell. Our experience as Realtors working with rural properties will help guide your deal to a smooth conclusion; allowing you the peace of mind to enjoy the exciting time that is buying or selling a home in the country.

Area History and Culture

Sharing its name with the creek which flows through the community toward its confluence with the Willamette River; the name “Beaver Creek” was used as the name of the area’s school district as early as the 1850′s. The area was served by a local post office which underwent a few name changes until the year 1922, when Beavercreek was adopted and has remained to this day. Although not officially a town, Beavercreek residents voted in favor to define the area as a hamlet in 2006 (the first such in Oregon). Monthly Hamlet meetings are held in the local grange hall, whereas quarterly meetings are held at Beavercreek Elementary School. Today, Realtors note that Beavercreek and its residents embody much of what is sought-after in country living and lifestyle. Other nearby areas include Molalla & and-oregon/”>Redland, Oregon.

Real Estate, Acreage & Homes In Beavercreek, OR

We’re Real Estate Brokers licensed in the state of Oregon and we’re ready to put our experience in rural housing and acreage to work for you. As long-time residents of rural Clackamas County we’re intimately familiar with the area and the ins and outs of buying or selling rural homes on acreage. Issues such as private wells, soil and water testing, zoning and land use in addition to septic issues are all integral to your long-term satisfaction in a horse property or home on acreage. We use our knowledge and expertise as real estate agents to connect you with Beavercreek area experts for the appropriate bids & inspections so you know what you’re buying and to protect your bottom line from liability if you’re selling. Tell us what’s important to you and we’ll help you achieve it. For some, it’s a secluded home with a large shop perfect for restoring a classic car or other projects. Others need equestrian facilities such as indoor riding arena, stables, pasture or farmland for crops. Or maybe you just want a few (or quite a few) acres on which to raise your family with country values. Call us and we’ll earn your Beavercreek real estate business through better service.

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