Drinking Water, Private Wells

Well Drilling, Drinking Water & Water-Witching Oh My!

Risk management is essential when dealing with the multitude of variables this wild region can present. With 1,866 square miles of land, drinking water and septic compatibility can be readily available or somewhat elusive depending on the geographic strata structure and surface soil. Water is an important element of rural living. Well drillers are paid by the foot as the owner decides where to drill. Whether water is found or not is not the concern of the driller. Some of the purest water in world comes out of the andy-oregon/”>ground in Clackamas County but water wells can vary drastically with high iron concentrations that are not potable to coliform contamination. Yes, water witching is still practiced here although the scientifically-minded prefer the geo-scientific approach.

If a well is already present there are laws requiring certain water potability tests for Clackamas County and the State of Oregon. County Health Dept Info.