01-13-2014 Estacada, Oregon Housing Market Report

Homes for sale in Estacada, Oregon have a median list price of $247,650- with an average marketing time of 211 days. Inventory of available properties on acreage is dropping while prices remain attractively low (at least for the time being). Continued demand from strong buyers could result in values appreciating as the new year rolls on into the traditionally strong buying season of spring/summer.

Top quartile properties for sale in Estacada, Oregon feature expansive 20+ acre lots often geared toward agriculture and equestrian activities as well as other country activities like dirtbikes and quads. These top tier properties fetch a premium though with a median price of $562,450 with an average market time of 300 days. Second-upper tier properties are coming in at an average list price of $304,500 and feature lot sizes generally in the 2.5-5 acre range. This upper-second tier is the dividing line between homes with acreage and those without; with the bottom two pricing tiers featuring properties with lots ranging from 8,000 square feet up to 1/2 acre costing $172,000-$227,650. This clearly illustrates the point that most of what one is paying for is the actual acreage, not the home (although high end homes do still make up a real portion of the price). Other factors adding to the cost of acreage properties lie mainly in the fact that many acreage properties are not connected to city water or sewer meaning that costly wells and septic systems must be put in on site.