August 12th Sandy Housing

August 12th, 2013 Sandy, Oregon 97055
For the week of August 11th-17th, 2013, homes on the market in the area averaged
about $295,000 list price. The asking price per square foot is staying consistent at
&132.00 per square foot. The amount of days on the market for properties is
dramatically decreasing, and the number of properties put on the market is
increasing. The real estate market shows a good buyers advantage, so many people are
buying now.

Characteristics per Quartile
With 15 new listings in Sandy, OR and 12 absorbed (sold) listings, properties in the area appear
to be doing well in all quartiles.


Inventory of Properties Listed for Sale
The graph shows a strong increase in Sandy, Oregon homes going on the market in the last three
months, which may help ease the lack of inventory seen lately.