Eagle Creek Properties 12-09-2013

Median price for available residential listings in Eagle Creek, Oregon (97022) is $359,900 with an average of 217 days on market. Listed price per square foot is dropping (currently $156) while average time on the market is climbing. Available properties for sale is dropping which at first blush may appear to be positive news however this may be due to listings expiring more than homes and land being sold.

Homes and Land In Eagle Creek By Quartile

1st tier properties have a median asking price of $564,500 and feature a 3,628 sq ft home sitting on 10-20 acres. Riding arenas, large shops, pastures, farmland and other high-end features are common to these properties. Upper 2nd tier comes in at $475,000 with 5-10 acres with a 2,500 sq ft home and many of these may have some equestrian or agricultural features as well. Lower 3rd tier features 2.5-5 acres with a 2015 sq ft home coming in at a $315,000 median list price. The bottom 4th tier average 5-10 acre lots with only 1,600 sq ft. The main defining factor for the lowest tier properties is the age and square footage of the home and also other factors such as suitability of the lot for farm or equestrian uses. With homes on acreage available in a wide price range Eagle Creek has quite a bit to offer buyers in many price brackets.