March 10th, 2014 Market Update

Estacada, OR 97023

In Estacada, OR homes are at a median price of about $244,000 and it looks to stay around that figure for the near future. You can find homes/properties in this area ranging in price from $45 thousand to 2.3 million. Despite the recent slowing in the market, sellers still have the advantage over buyers. The almost 80 homes for sale in Estacada are seeing a 22% price decrease, so the time to buy is now.
Of the almost 80 homes for sale, you can find an even selection of homes in each quartile. The top/first quartile homes are seeing a median price of about $650 thousand, and the bottom/forth quartile is seeing a median price of about $180 thousand. Most of the homes include 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The lower/third quartile homes are very new, whereas the upper/second quartile homes are about 45 years old. All the homes/properties for sale stay on the market for at least 135 days, so a wide variety of homes are available for buyers in all price ranges.

Molalla, OR 97038

This week in Molalla, OR a little over 80 homes are for sale. Homes/properties are on the market for almost 200 days. With homes in Molalla sitting at a median price of about $220 thousand, and will remain that way for the near future. Buyers see an advantage over sellers. Inventory is looking to rise, so a larger variety of homes will be available for purchase. Generally, Molalla horse properties on acreage are generally in the upper quartiles.
Homes/properties in Molalla are seeing more of a demand for buyers. Higher priced homes are taking longer to sell than the lower priced homes. Homes are currently seeing an almost 30% price decrease as of late. Also, in the last 170 days half the homes have come on the market. The time is right to purchase a home in the Molalla area. The pressure is on, so pricing is moving downward.

Sandy, OR 97055

The inventory is up in Sandy, OR as of Monday, March 10th, 2014. With the inventory being up, we are seeing the average days on the market going down. Buyers are at an advantage when purchasing andy-oregon/”>Sandy, Oregon Acreage For Sale. With the number of homes going up, a ton of pressure is being put on sellers to lower property prices.
All quartile prices are remaining pretty consistent. Prices remain higher, but with the increase of homes for sale going up, we could see prices go down. Also, with a higher inventory, a wider range will be available for buyers and a great selection will be available for home seekers.

Boring, OR 97009

For the week of March 10th, homes in Boring are seeing an average list price of about $405,000. Homes are on the market for almost 200 days on average. The market in Boring is trending upward in recent weeks, giving buyers an amazing advantage. Like Sandy, Boring homes will see a downward price pressure.
Prices in Boring are ranging from about $45 thousand to about $900 thousand. Prices in all quartiles have been pretty steady in all quartiles, but you can find an even spread of homes in all quartiles. Half the listing have become available in the past 140 days. Buyers should take the opportunity to purchase a home when the current listings will look to see about a 25% price decrease.