Molalla, OR 97038 Real Estate Report 02-24-2014

2-24-14 molalla real estate report one

Molalla, OR has been seeing a steady increase of property listing duration of time on the market, with an average of just under 195 days as of February 24th, 2014. Molalla listing prices are sitting at an average of almost $300,000. The current number of homes for sale is just under 85, and that number is looking to drop. With the number of homes for sale decreasing, buyers are still at an advantage for the time being although fewer available homes may change that down the road.

The median list price for homes for sale in Molalla, OR is sitting just under $220,000. Many of these homes are in the lower/third quartile and are about 1,400 square feet. With the market in Molalla as it is, about 30% of the listed homes are going to see a price decrease. There is a large variety of homes and prices in the 97038 zip code, with listing prices as high as one million dollars and as low as $60,000. With that scale, buyers today can find homes that suit their families as well as their pocket books. Molalla homes on acreage featuring equestrian or farming amenities are consistently found in the top real estate pricing quartile.

2-24-14 molalla real estate report two quartile data

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