September 1-7 Boring Oregon Housing Update

Boring, OR 97009
Rural Housing/Acreage Market Report

During the week of September 1st through 7th, homes in Boring are averaging about 175 days on the market. Homes are ranging in asking price from $25,000 to $1,000,000. The asking price per square foot is looking to rise, but the market is still in a buyers advantage.

09-01-13 Boring Oregon Acreage

Acreage, Quartile Data For Boring, OR

The age of the homes in the upper quartile appear to be significantly less than the other quartiles, but remain on the market much longer than the other homes in the other quartiles. Also, it appears that the new to absorbed (sold) ratio is 1:3, meaning more homes are being sold than coming on the market recently.
09-01-13 Boring OR Rural Property Info

Rural Homes For Sale. Boring, OR

With the climb of inventory over the last year, a wide selection of homes are available for buyers to consider. The market is trending towards buyers, focusing more on the lower priced homes than the higher.