September 1-7 Damascus Update

09/01/2013 Damascus, OR 97089 Lots & Land

The average days on the market for the first week of September is about 100 days. The inventory of properties in Damascus is very low, sitting at just under 80 listings on the market. Due to the lower number of listings, the advantage is to sellers and property values are higher.

Damascus OR 09-01-13 update

Damascus, OR Characteristics Per Quartile

The least expensive quartile of homes for sale has the longest average days on the market. Prices for homes are higher in Damascus than a lot of other areas and are going to continue to rise, definitely showing a sellers market. Inventory is predicted to rise as well as the property values.

Inventory of Properties Listed for Sale

The inventory of properties listed for sale in Damascus shows that more than half of the homes for sale have come on the market in the last 60 days or so. Demand in Damascus has risen so properties are flying off the market quickly.

Damascus OR 09-01-13 quartile data