September 1-7 Market Update Beavercreek

Beavercreek, OR 97004 Sept 1-7 Housing Market

Beavercreek listings are averaging list prices of about $545,000 for the week of September 1st-7th. With barely over 30 listings available, inventory is pretty low and looking to lower even more. 35% of these listings are looking to decrease the price. As of this week we are looking at a buyers advantage and a market cool down.

beavercreek 9-1-13 market profile

Beavercreek Property For Sale | Quartile Data

The top/first quartile is showing median price of almost $850,000 which is significantly higher than other areas. No new listings or sold listings have occurred as of late. The upper-middle quartile for Beavercreek, Oregon is experiencing the least number of days on the market.

beavercreek 9-1-13 quartile data

Inventory of Properties Listed for Sale

Beavercreek is showing a recent fall of listings. Prices are increasing in result to this and value is going up with demand in the area. About half of the listings have gone on the market in the last 100 days or so.