Whether you are buying or selling, let our experience as SFR (Short Sale Foreclosure Resource) Certified specialists help you reach your real estate goals. We’ve already helped many Clackamas County home owners successfully complete short sales and eliminate their mortgage debt and we’re ready to put this experience to work for you, our client. Short sales are a win-win proposition in that buyers get a good deal while sellers have their mortgage debt eliminated. Banks also look at short sales in Sandy, Boring, Molalla and Estacada as a way for the bank to stop losing money on a bad mortgage. We’re real estate brokers licensed in the State of Oregon and we work in rural Clackamas County, from Sandy down to Molalla and everywhere in between. Whether you need to sell acreage in Canby, a hobby farm in Eagle Creek, or property in Estacada, we’re here to help you find your win-win deal in a short sale.

Short Sale Specialist Serving
Clackamas County, Oregon: 503-473-8001

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[expand title=”The Short Sale Specialist Team: We Work For You, Not The Bank” tag=”h4″]
While it’s true that we have all the major banks “on speed dial” it must be stated that we work for you, not the bank. As short sale specialists we represent you, our clients and our legal obligation and duty is to serve our clients honestly and in good faith. We serve all of rural Clackamas County from Molalla and Canby north to Boring and Sandy. We’re proud to be part of the Oregon Realty Company family and we take our firm’s almost seven decades of service to our community very seriously. In the course of our duties as Sandy & Molalla Realtors helping people with short sales we represent your needs to the bank and while we cooperate to create a win-win deal; our fiduciary duty is to remain loyal to you, our client. Banks have professional bill collectors working for them 24/7, isn’t it time you had short sale Realtor professional representation on your side?


[expand title=”Sellers Don’t Pay us: We’re Compensated Out of The Bank’s Settlement” tag=”h4″]
We don’t charge sellers or buyers for our short sale specialist services. We are paid a normal real estate commission out of the bank’s proceeds at closing. Our commitment to quality means we negotiate all of our short sales in house and never outsource which means the job gets done right. Some other Realtors around Sandy, Beavercreek & Molalla, Oregon outsource the short sale negotiations and many times this results in extra middle-man fees for buyers and sellers. We never charge these extra fees because we work directly for our clients and have lower overhead than the middlemen who outsource. Extra fees scare away buyers and overly burden sellers. Call us when you’re ready for professional, no nonsense Clackamas County short sale specialists to represent your best interests.


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Clackamas County residents from Molalla to Canby, Sandy to Boring, and Carver to Estacada have all found positive win-win solutions by completing a short sale. We represent your needs to the bank and show the bank how it’s in their best interest to accept a lower payoff than the full mortgage balance because the property just can’t sell for enough to pay off the debt. Banks are eager to reach a settlement because the foreclosure process means the bank has lengthy and costly legal fees associated with foreclosure. Additionally, when a bank forecloses the bank is stuck with the bill for fixing all the problems and paying for maintenance until the house finally sells. For these reasons it’s a win-win for the bank to agree to forgive the debt in exchange for selling the house at a reduced price. Banks would much rather get some of their money back over foreclosing and bearing the cost of owning the house. Additionally, many of the banks which received federal bail-out money are required to consider short sales and forgive debt in return for the bank receiving taxpayer money during the recession.

Short sale approvals from the major banks report mortgage debt as settled in full with no balance owing on mortgages used to secure a primary residence (certain types of personal lines of credit attached to houses that fall under different guidelines, call for details). It should be noted that we are not attorneys or financial advisers but as short sale specialists we can tell you in general terms of the short sale approvals that we get for our clients. When we get your short sale approval, we’re happy to read it over together with you so you’re satisfied with the terms. Since we have closed so many short sales in rural Clackamas County and the metro area we also have contacts with attorneys who offer great rates for our clients who may still have questions. We’re ready to be your comprehensive short sale specialist solution for rural property whether you live near Sandy or Boring, Oregon clear down to Molalla, Oregon.

For many, owning a hobby farm out in Molalla or an acreage property in Sandy sounded like an exciting adventure. But, sometimes our best plans don’t always pan out. Perhaps health concerns for yourself or a loved one means it’s time to sell your property in Canby. For others, a distant job transfer means that living on a farm in Molalla no longer makes sense. For some people, freedom is living out in the country near Sandy or Estacada; but if the bank bearing down then you may also want to sell the property and experience a little financial freedom. As Realtors serving Clackamas County we understand why people want to live out in Sandy, Estacada or Molalla but we also understand why sometimes people need to sell the farm and get a fresh start. If you’re dealing with negative equity then a short sale can be a great way to get a fresh start.

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In order to better serve our clients, we have received the additional training of the SFR Realtor program for short sale specialists. Not only are we certified specialists, but we also have the wealth of knowledge that can only come from a very wide variety successfully resolved short sales. We’ll help you know what kinds of things to expect from your bank and can help you with the paperwork because we’ve worked with all of the major banks involved in short sales. While we can’t predict the future, our clients find it very comforting that we’ve worked with their bank before and we use this insight so our rural property clients from Sandy, Estacada and Molalla have a better idea what to expect. When you need a short sale you need proven results. We’ve helped a large multitude of people with short sales and we also understand rural properties and the unique features associated with the types of real estate transactions common to rural Clackamas County.

Short Sales For Sandy, Boring, Estacada & Molalla, Oregon

As short sale specialist real estate brokers serving Clackamas County we take our mission of helping home owners eliminate debt very seriously. Rural areas surrounding Sandy, Oregon in addition to Molalla & Estacada have unique factors when it comes to the short sale process. Perhaps you have property in Canby or Molalla? Or, you may need to sell your horse property near Sandy or Boring. We work with your bank and cooperate with appraisers, other Realtors and bank representatives to help the bank understand you and your property. Homes on acreage may have factors such as water well problems, septic or drain field issues or land-use ∓ riparian (water) rights issues that may increase or decrease the land’s value. Banks in New York City often don’t understand these rural property issues, but that’s where we come in. As experienced short sale negotiators for horse properties in areas surrounding Eagle Creek, Carver and Estacada we’ve successfully handled land-use, zoning and permit issues as they relate to the short sale. For Canby and Molalla home owners, we’ve helped the bank’s managers take notice of the unique factors associated with country properties when working to get our client’s debt forgiven.