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Real Estate Update: May 2015

Spring 2015 Residential Market Report For Clackamas County, Or

Much like the rest of the State of Oregon and the Nation, Clackamas County has witnessed robust appreciation in the housing sector. In general, inventory is scarce as buyers are eager to make a purchase due to needing a place to live and also out of a growing fear of being priced out of the market. What follows are brief summary reports with some easy facts and figures to help you decide if it’s your time to get your feet wet in the Clackamas County real estate market. Looking to sell? Call us for a personalized property valuation and feel free to read up on this article so you’ll have a better understanding of what’s happening in your area right now. Thanks for reading.

Sandy, Oregon Real Estate Report

In the second week of May, 2015 residential homes for sale in and around Sandy, OR have a median asking price of $312,000 with an average of 137 days on the market. Lately, median asking prices have been trending up steeply whereas asking price per square foot is staying about the same; which may show a shift in available residential properties to larger, more expensive homes being listed. Conversely, available inventory is shrinking fast. All of these factors come together to make the current market conditions favor sellers. While nobody has a “crystal ball”, if inventory continues to be tight and demand remains strong it seems likely that prices will continue to rise with the market.

Sandy, OR Residential Housing Per Price Quartile/Tier
  • Top Quartile Properties: Median price for Sandy residential properties in the top quartile is $799,000. These homes have sought-after features including average statistics such as lot sizes in the 10-20 acre range, 2752 square feet of home square footage, 3 bed/2baths and a median age of 25 years. There are 15 available Sandy, OR listings in this category with 1 new listing and none sold. Average days on market is slightly above the median at 152 days on market.
  • Upper/Second Quartile Homes: These listings have a median price of $389,950 with an average of 159 days on market. These upper/second tier homes sit on lot sizes in the 2.5-5.0 acre range with homes sized around 2,487 square feet. These Sandy, Oregon properties average 4bed/2bath and are around 44 years old. With 2 newly listed and 4 of these homes sold there’s certainly strong buyer action in this segment.
  • Lower/Third Quartile Homes: the median for the lower/third Sandy, Oregon real estate quartile is $264,950 with homes in the 2022 square foot range and much more modest lot sizes in the 4,500-6,500 square foot range. These properties average 3bed/2baths and are around 12 years old. Much like the next higher quartile, there have been 4 listings sold with only 2 newly listed properties in the category.
  • Bottom/Fourth Quartile listings: These homes have a median offered price of $194,975 with 1,388 square foot homes and lot sizes in the 8,000-10,000 square footage range. These homes average 3bed/2bath and an age of 36. There are two newly listed homes in this category and one sold. Average days on market is 135 days.


Boring, OR Homes For Sale Update

Residential homes for sale in Boring, Oregon are at a median of $450,000 asking and currently average 127 days on market. Prices are more or less steady currently. Asking cost per square foot is trending upward somewhat at $180, although acreage properties may at times skew the comparison of home size versus price. Days on market are strongly trending downward while homes newly put on the market are on a robust increase. Based on the numbers, it’s a seller’s market and if these numbers persist we may well see prices increase further.

Boring, Oregon Homes For Sale: Quartile Info
  • Top/First: median asking price is $820,000 for the top quartile of Boring, Or real estate. These homes feature acreage lots in the 5-10 acre range along with an expansive 3280 average square footage, 4bed/3bath. With one newly listed home and none sold this quartile is sitting at an average of 253 days on market.
  • Upper/Second: $574,900 median list price and a home in the 2880 square foot range typifies the upper/second quartile in Boring, OR. These homes sit on lots around 1-2.5 acres with 4bed/2baths. With one home newly listed and 2 sold, this category’s healthy 120 days on market is no surprise.
  • Lower/Third: $423,900 median asking price for a home averaging 2840 square feet on a lot size around 1-2.5 acres is standard for the lower/third category in Boring, OR. 4bed/3bath and average as built around 41 years ago. This is a hot selling quartile with only 72 days on market and 1 listing sold that’s replaced by 1 newly listed property.
  • Bottom/Fourth: $332,450 median price and homes in the 1866 square foot range sitting on 1-2.5 acre lots are what to expect in the bottom quartile for Boring, Oregon. 3bed/2bath and built 59 years ago. With one new listing and 2 sold homes in this category we’re seeing an average days on market of only 73 days (which almost exactly matches the quartile just above).


Estacada, OR Housing Report

Home values in Estacada, Oregon are on the rise. Currently, median list price for the area is $387,950 with properties on acreage lots averaging much higher. Asking price per square foot for homes in Estacada, OR is steeply rising and currently at $160 per square foot while days on market are slightly increasing and inventory is slightly waning. The market signals put the advantage clearly in favor of sellers.

Estacada, Oregon Homes For Sale: Quartile Summary

Strong demand in the lower housing quartiles for Estacada, Oregon real estate are putting upward pricing pressure on the market. Similarly, sales of larger homes on acreage in the area have also seen robust home sales. Only the top quartile had more newly listed properties than it had sold with 3 newly listed versus 2 sold homes for the week. However, with these top homes’ asking prices of $899,900 and 20 acre lots these are still strong sales figures. The top quartile has the longest days on market at 268 whereas the lower third quartile is cooking along at a blistering 70 days on market. The bottom 2 quartiles each had 5 homes sold in their respective categories. Overall, housing is trending up and buyers are eager to secure homes in Estacada, Oregon and Clackamas County.

Molalla, Oregon Real Estate Update


Molalla, Oregon is following suit with the rest of Clackamas County and the nation as residential real estate listings sell swiftly due to demand being higher than availability. Median list price for Molalla is $284,999 with 63 homes on the market at an average of 94 days. Currently, prices for this area have plateaued and asking price per square foot is rising slightly. Inventory is strongly increasing due to recently improved market conditions and strong sales figures.

Molalla, OR Property Quartile Data Summary

All residential property quartiles for Molalla, OR and the surrounding countryside are showing strong home sales numbers. Top quartile properties in Molalla currently have a median asking price of $585,000 and feature homes in the 2,800 square foot range on lot sizes generally in excess of 20 acres. These in-demand acreage (often equestrian) properties show healthy sales figures and have an average of 129 days on market. The hottest selling quartile homes in Molalla are the lower/third properties with a median asking price of $264,950 with 0 new listed and 3 sold. These lower/third quartile homes are on modest city lots in the 4.500-6,500 range and are selling fast at only 70 average days on market. The bottom/fourth quartile homes in the town of Molalla are also selling briskly with only 88 days on market and listings priced at a median of $180,950.


Estacada, Oregon 36 Pit Fire News Update 09-15-2014

*Page Updated Periodically*
36 Pit Fire has spread south of clackamas river and thus far 7 homes have been evacuated. Additionally the Silver Fox RV park has been evacuated as well as a few local camp grounds. Officials state that the fire is zero percent contained as of noon on Monday (September 15th, 2014). The latest reports put the fire at roughly 2,800 acres and expanding rapidly at this time. A special task force will be taking control of firefighting operations at 1700, today (5:00 pm PST 09-15-2014).

17:00 09/15/2014 Update

Ground crew firefighter injured by falling tree at Silver Fox RV Park. Reported broken leg, AMR Ambulance en route. Fall Creek level 3 evacuations in progress. Source: Estacada Fire Dept.

16:55 09/15/2014 Update

Fall Creek Road and Michael Road (east of Estacada) under level 3 evacuation order at this time. Source: Estacada Fire Dept.

16:50 09/15/2014 Update

Joe Schwab, Estacada Fire Dept: “There is now a 20 acre spot fire in the area of Tumula, Fall Creek, Divers. This fire is a threat to structures. There are Level 2 evacuations on Divers east up Tumala and Level 3 on Fall Creek from Divers all the way up. Command is there now. A task force and EFD units are there now.”

126 homes under level 2 evacuation orders at this time.

Video of DOT Crew Clearing Landslides off Highway 224 36 Pit Fire

Fire as of Monday Morning Aerial View:

As of Monday morning fire officials confirm that the fire has spread to over 2,300 acres and is still rapidly growing.

Photo Gallery: 36 Pit Fire Clackamas County, Oregon

Smoke Plume Visible From 10 Miles Away 4:30pm Saturday Afternoon

Smoke Plume Visible From 10 Miles Away 4:30pm Saturday Afternoon

View of Smoke Plume from Estacada, Oregon 4:30pm Saturday Afternoon

View of Smoke Plume from Estacada, Oregon 4:30pm Saturday Afternoon

Flames crest hill at 6:30 pm Saturday afternoon

Flames crest hill at 6:30 pm Saturday afternoon

6pm Saturday afternoon. Fire crests over ridge pushed by east winds.

6pm Saturday afternoon. Fire crests over ridge pushed by east winds.

A helicopter drops water on the pit 36 fire in Clackamas County Saturday Afternoon

A helicopter drops water on the pit 36 fire in Clackamas County Saturday Afternoon

flames can be seen through the trees.

flames can be seen through the trees.

8:00pm Saturday evening. Intense flames driven by wind cause the fire to grow tenfold overnight.

8:00pm Saturday evening. Intense flames driven by wind cause the fire to grow tenfold overnight.

pit 36 fire in Clackamas County grows exponentially over the weekend.

pit 36 fire in Clackamas County grows exponentially over the weekend.

Wildfire 0% contained Monday morning, covers over two thousand acres.

Wildfire 0% contained Monday morning, covers over two thousand acres.

Summary of the “Pit 36 Fire” As Of 10:00 September, 15th 2014 (Clackamas County, Oregon)

How The Fire Started:

Origin of Pit 36 Fire Estacada, Oregon

Origin of Pit 36 Fire Estacada, Oregon

At approximately 1500 (3pm Pacific Standard Time) on September a wildfire broke out in rural Clackamas County, Oregon roughly ten miles east of Estacada in the steep canyon within which the Clackamas River flows. The steep terrain, high temperatures, east winds and late-season dry conditions led to the fire spreading rapidly, despite the swift and valiant action of local fire crews. It appears likely that a group of individuals that were target shooting have likely started the blaze however shooting in and of itself does not pose a fire risk. As such, it seems likely that a prohibited activity such as throwing tossing away cigarette butts, an illegal camp fire or incendiary “tracer” type ammunition was happening. Law enforcement and fire officials have stated that an “investigation is underway” but have not released further details at this time. Although a news crew was witnessed heading to the scene at 1700 (5:00pm) on 09-13-2014 most local news agencies were slow to pick up the story.

36 Pit Fire (Estacada, Oregon): Wildfire Grows 10x Over Saturday Night

Saturday at noon, the fire was still being reported as covering only  30-100 acres when it had already grown to over 1,000 acres.

Saturday at noon, the fire was still being reported as covering only 30-100 acres when it had already grown to over 1,000 acres.

The mountainous terrain made access by fire crews slow and hazardous and also allowed the flames to swiftly burn up the steep hill above the rock pit. Initial news reports estimated the blaze to be roughly 30 acres in size although in reality the brisk east winds were quickly pushing the fire onward. As a longtime Clackamas County resident it quickly became clear that the fire was actually much larger than reports as Emergency band scanners were reporting flames over a mile away as the crow flies at a truck weighing station. The official reports soon followed and by noon Sunday the Pit 36 Fire had officially eclipses 1,000 acres engulfed. Fire crews had stated that as of Sunday the forest fire was “zero percent contained” and local campgrounds were closed and the Silver Fox RV Park was promptly evacuated. Residents of Estacada, Beavercreek, Eagle Creek awoke to thick clouds of smoke. Some residents of Estacada reported ash falling like snow.

Air Quality For Clackamas County, Oregon

Areas around Clackamas County, Oregon have been placed under an air quality advisory for “Fire Weather Warning” with air quality ranging from “moderate” to “unhealthy”. The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning for the region with “areas of smoke” listed through Monday. Winds are expected to shift to southwest overnight which should offer some relief from smoke in the communities of Molalla, Sandy, Eagle Creek, George, and Oregon City. At times, smoke is predicted to reduce visibility to as little as a few miles depending on location. Areas closest to the Pit 36 fire are expected to see the biggest negative impact in air quality.

Clackamas County, Oregon 36 Pit Fire: Wildfire Resources

36 Pit Facebook Social Media Update Page
Estacada 36 Pit Fire Department Official Update Page
Interactive Fire Map
Clackamas County Police & Fire Dispatch
National Weather Service

Estacada Farms & Land Report 04/07/14

Estacada, Clackamas County Oregon
Zip code 97023
April 7th, 2014

Residential Properties: Rural Housing Update

For the current week of 04/7/14 residential homes for sale in Estacada, OR have a median asking price of $245,400. Available inventory (defined as homes for sale on RMLS) is trending upward strongly while average days on market is trending down moderately. Asking price as well as price per square foot is remaining steady. All of these positive signs are tempered somewhat by the fact that market action from well-qualified buyers is trending down strongly as well. This strong increase in available homes combined with flagging interest amongst buyers may indicate softening in the market.

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01-13-2014 Estacada, Oregon Housing Market Report

Homes for sale in Estacada, Oregon have a median list price of $247,650- with an average marketing time of 211 days. Inventory of available properties on acreage is dropping while prices remain attractively low (at least for the time being). Continued demand from strong buyers could result in values appreciating as the new year rolls on into the traditionally strong buying season of spring/summer.
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Estacada August 12th 2013 Update

Estacada, OR 97023

For the week ending on August 17th, homes have had an average list price of $408,000
in the area. In the Estacada area homes for sale have had an average of 187 days on
the market, and that number is starting to increase, whereas the inventory of
properties listed is decreasing exponentially. Even with the inventory decreasing,
it is still a buyers market. Continue reading