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Clackamas Short Sale & Housing Report 10-03-2014

Sandy, Oregon Housing Update

The real estate market for Sandy, Oregon has been cooling off in recent weeks. Inventory of available listings, median asking price and average days on market have all stayed more or less flat; although market action in the form of buyers making purchases has been on a somewhat downward trend. The latest Sandy, Oregon housing market statistics don’t point in a clear direction either up or down. However, if buyer activity remains weak it may result in downward pricing pressure in the coming fall and winter season. Currently there are 174 residential real estate listings in Sandy, Oregon of which 18 listings are short sales. If you’re behind on your mortgage and want a positive solution give us a call today. We’re SFR (Short sale Foreclosure Resource) Certified Realtors with the experience to get the job done right.


    Quartile Housing Data: Sandy, Oregon


  • Top/1st Housing Quartile for Sandy, OR: 1st quartile properties For the greater Sandy area have a median asking price of $540,000. These homes average a spacious 3200 square feet on expansive acreage lots in the 5-10 acre range. This category averages 115 days on market. With one home purchased and no new listings in the category it will be interesting to see how home values and market conditions develop in this category.
  • Upper/2nd Property Quartile in Sandy, OR: At $309,000 offered price for homes around 2082 square feet on 0.5-1.0 acre lots, the upper/2nd real estate quartile in Sandy, Oregon represents a comparable value (albeit sans the acreage of the 1st quartile). With 3 new listings compared to 2 sold in the price range we could see a few of the higher-priced homes in this quartile reduce their prices if things continue as such. That said, at 94 days on market at least there’s decent turnover.
  • Lower/3rd Real Estate Quartile for Sandy, OR: Value priced at $239,394 these homes are generally newer construction around 1753 square feet of living space placed on very small subdivision lots averaging less than 4500 square feet of total lot size. Average year built for this category is 6 years ago, meaning that many of these homes were purchased and/or constructed on the cusp of the housing crash. As such, those who purchased homes in this category may be trying to sell and may also fall into the short sale category. With 4 new listings and 3 sold listings some people are managing to sell. Although the 3rd quartile’s 166 days on market is the highest of all the quartiles in Sandy, Oregon.
  • Bottom/4th Housing Quartile in Sandy, OR: Sandy, Oregon homes for sale in the 4th quartile have a median of $194,900 for with an average of 1492 square feet of living space on decent sized neighborhood lots around 8,001-10,000 square feet. There were 4 new listings and 0 sold listings in this 4th quartile. Which could be a big sign that prices may be about to settle unless some of these reasonably priced listings sell soon.

Canby Short Sale & Housing Market

The median asking price for Canby, Oregon real estate listings is currently $319,900 with an average of 144 days on market. The average time a property stays active on RMLS has been steeply trending up as of late while the number of properties has been falling. There are 134 residential Canby real estate listings of which 14 are in short sale. We may be witnessing early market softening in terms of days on market increasing and decreased activity from strong, well-qualified buyers. Some seasonal slowing is normal and can keep prices from inflating into another bubble. However, too much slowing could lead to more rounds of price reductions. If you need to sell your property in Canby, Oregon but need a short sale specialist make sure to call us to learn how our experience can help you.


    Canby, Oregon Housing Market Quartile Data


  • Top/1st Quartile Canby, OR: Top tier properties for sale in Canby, Oregon are at a median of $539,000 for homes in the 2613 square foot range on acreage lots averaging 5.0-10.0 acres. These top-tier Canby, Oregon homes for sale have spent an average of 196 days on market although for this week, 2 have sold with no new listings in the category.
  • Upper/2nd Quartile Canby, OR: Homes in this category are listed at a median of $356,950 with 131 days on market. Upper/2nd quartile Canby real estate listings average 2231 square feet of living space on lot sizes in the 8,001-10,000 square foot range. Unlike the 1st quartile, these Canby residential properties are selling at a faster rate, with 131 average days on market.
  • Lower/3rd Quartile Canby, OR: At a median of $292,450 and 1863 square feet of living space the lower/3rd quartile may be more popular due to affordability. This category’s 119 average days on market makes the lower/3rd quartile the fastest selling property group in Canby, Oregon’s housing market. The 2 new listings don’t quite replace the 3 sold in this Canby real estate quartile.
  • bottom/4th Quartile Canby, OR: Median list price for the lowest Canby real estate quartile is $220,000. Homes in this category average a modest 1376 square feet of living space on a neighborhood lot size similar to the 2nd and 3rd quartiles. The main distinguishing factor is that these 4th quartile properties have less living space and were constructed an average of 17 years before the 3rd quartile listings. With one new listing and none sold, there isn’t much activity to report for this category.

Molalla, Oregon Housing, Short Sale Report

Real estate in Molalla, Oregon has been somewhat flat lately, with the median asking price for residential homes for sale at $249,900 with an average of 147 days on market. Inventory is trending up while market action from well-qualified buyers is flagging somewhat. Please note that some seasonal adjustment is normal for a healthy real estate market so it remains to be seen whether we’re witnessing a nascent settling period or merely a seasonal pause in housing market activity. Currently, 15 of the RMLS listings in Molalla are in short sale, out of 108 total residential listings. Recent price improvements have lifted many home owners out of the red but there’s still a high number of properties that qualify for short sale in Molalla. If you’re behind on your mortgage and want a constructive solution, call us to learn more about how a short sale can help you. We’re experienced, SFR Certified Realtors and we’ll get the job done right.


    Molalla, Oregon Housing Quartile Information


  • Top/1st Quartile Homes in Molalla, Oregon(acreage): These top tier Molalla, Oregon properties feature the wide open spaces you’ll only get with 20+ acre lots. All that acreage comes at a price though, with the current median asking price at $599,498. Homes in this category average 2793 square feet of living space meaning there’s room for the entire family. With 3 new listings, 1 sold, and 226 average days on market there may be price reductions in the future of these sought-after acreage and equestrian properties.
  • Upper/2nd Quartile Molalla Properties(acreage): Homes in the upper/2nd category for Molalla, OR have a median offered price at $349,250 with more modest acreage lots in the 5.0-10.0 acre range and an average of 1667 square feet of living space. There has been little activity in this price range either way with no new listings but only one property sold. Average days on market are at 153.
  • Lower/3rd Quartile Properties in Molalla, OR: Homes in this quartile are on neighborhood sized lots in the town of Molalla proper; as compared to many of the higher end properties that are on acreage lots outside the city limits. With 1460 square feet of living space and only 66 days on market it appears that buyers have been very active in this category. Although with 4 new listings compared to only one sold it may be that buyer activity is tapering off.
  • Bottom/4th Quartile for Molalla, OR: These entry-level Molalla, OR properties are listed at an affordable median of $145,000 and average 1310 square feet of living space. Lot size is very similar to the listings in the 3rd quartile with homes in the bottom quartile averaging a bit newer in terms of year built. With 146 days on market, Molalla real estate in this category isn’t exactly flying off the shelves. There wer 3 new listings and 2 sold properties in this category.


May 14th, 2014 Clackamas County Real Estate Report

This Week: Real Estate In Sandy, Oregon 97055

For the week beginning on May 5th, Sandy, OR is seeing residential real estate inventory of almost 160 properties drop steadily. Along with the decrease in properties for sale, the average days on the market is dropping, but more drastically. With these current trends, along with other factors, the market is considered by many to be at a buyers advantage, however, tightening supply may change shift the advantage to sellers as competition amongst buyers heats up. In summary, if properties on the market and days on the market continue to decrease, then we could see a flip to a sellers advantage.

Characteristics Per Quartile: Sandy, OR Housing Trends

Currently homes/properties in Sandy are being sold faster than they are coming onto the market. The upper-second quartile homes are selling notably faster than fresh MLS listings are coming onto the market to replace those sold. Top quartile homes are seeing the lowest days on the market despite being the most expensive. Acreage properties with features such as riding arenas, large work shops and barns typify these sought-after top tier properties. While nothing in life is certain, a continued lack of available homes for sale may begin to shift prices upward in Sandy, Oregon.

This Week: Residential Properties in Damascus, Oregon 97089

During the first week of May, Damascus, OR has about 70 properties listed for sale on the MLS. The average days on the market for Damascus properties is almost 120 days and may be dropping as the summer market heats up. With the strong decrease in days on the market comes a large increase in inventory. The fact that inventory of homes for sale in Damascus, Oregon is up favors the buyer, although days on market decreasing shows welcome market activity that should encourage sellers as well.

Housing Data: Characteristics Per Quartile:

Unlike many other areas in Clackamas County, Damascus, OR has most of it’s activity (homes sold/homes coming on the market) in the upper quartile. Strong sales of these high end homes may reflect the stratified nature of recent gains in the economy. Even though more homes sold in the top quartile, the bottom quartile shows the least days on the market which indicates that buyers are still eager for affordable homes. Overall, conditions appear somewhat positive in terms of outlook.

Real Estate, Acreage & Homes in Molalla, OR 97038


Molalla, OR is seeing a strong decline in the average days on the market, which is currently about 160 days. There are about 100 properties for sale in Molalla, but indicators show a possible increase of available homes up for sale. With this increase in inventory, seller could feel some pressure to lower their prices. With these trends, buyers have an advantage over sellers and that should be the trend for the foreseeable future.

Housing Market Characteristics Per Quartile:

Currently homes in the $200,000 to $300,000 range are seeing more activity than the other listings in this area. These are the homes in the middle two quartiles. The top and bottom quartiles are taking about twice as long to sell. This is a common trend for many areas around Clackamas County and indicates that homes on acreage, while valuable, may be out of reach financially for many buyers.

May 14th, 2014 Report on Homes For Sale in Estacada, Oregon 97023

Homes/Properties in Estacada, OR are seeing an average list price of about $410,000. Inventory in this area are looking to have a major increase, therefore buyers will have a greater selection of homes to choose from. Average days on the market is taking a huge drop, so the time to buy is now! With the larger selection of homes and the demand of homes in Estacada, the market is at a buyers advantage.

Characteristics Per Quartile:

Even though more properties are popping up in the top two quartiles, more homes are being sold in the bottom two quartiles. The bottom quartile homes are flying off the market faster than new homes are coming up for sale. Affordable homes are selling reasonably quickly whereas larger, more expensive homes on acreage are taking longer to move. With these trends, sellers of acreage properties in Estacada, OR may be willing to negotiate with well-qualified buyers.

Boring, OR 97009 Housing Update

Boring, OR is sitting at just about 50 homes/properties for sale, but that will soon increase. All quartiles are sitting with just about the same number of properties for sale, which provides a decent selection in all price ranges. Currently the market strongly favors buyers. Sellers are feeling pressure to lower prices even though the average days on the market is going to see a strong downward trend.

Beavercreek, OR 97004 Real Estate Update

Overall, Beavercreek, OR properties are seeing higher list prices than other areas in Clackamas County. With the lower number of properties listed and number of properties being sold, buyers are looking to lose the advantage over sellers and could see an upward movement in pricing. Beavercreek homes for sale are sitting at an average price of about $410,000, but with current trends as they are, this could rise in the next few months to come.

Eagle Creek, OR 97022 Property Update

Eagle Creek, OR, out of all the areas in Clackamas County, sits with the lowest number of properties for sale. With just above 20 listings in the area, the average days on the market sits at just about 200 days. Inventory is looking to rise, but pricing looks to stay pretty stable. With the tight trends in Eagle Creek, buyers are looking to lose the advantage over sellers.

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Boring Oregon Market Update 03-24-14

Single family homes listed for sale in Boring, Oregon are at a current median list price of $372,200 whereas the average list price is $399,327. The average time it takes to sell a residential property in Boring is remaining stable at at 188 days on market. Inventory of homes for sale is increasing, which may be a sign of more sellers willing to get their feet wet as prices increase and some of the housing crisis woes are put behind us. What remains to be seen is whether this combination of increased properties and acreage parcels available and the increasing prices can remain in lockstep. As the theory of supply & demand has it, this increased supply may satiate demand and either cause a price dip or at least slow the price increase. Time will tell, as historically low inventory has created something of a vacuum in the housing sector.

Factors When Considering Residential Acreage For Sale in Boring, Oregon

With asking price rising along with the number of homes on acreage for sale also rising one may question the sustainability of the market. However, another factor worth considering is the quality, size and type of properties being listed. For example, more higher end homes may be coming onto market in Boring and skewing the statistics or homes that are similar but have value adding features such as riding arenas, equestrian stables, farmland or pastures may increase the value of one home over another that may look very similar otherwise.

Boring, Oregon Rural Homes, Quartile Market Data

Homes in the top two price tiers feature average lot sizes of 2.5-5 acres with the top tier homes averaging 10 years old and upper/second tier homes coming in at 34 years old. Other differences between top tier and upper/second tier are average square feet, at 3374 and 2405 respectively. Top tier homes for sale in Boring, Oregon are lingering on the market for an average 344 days which may be explained by their lofty $606,000 price tags whereas upper/second tier homes are selling in 136 days with an average price of $414,150. Lower third tier homes come in at $349,475 average asking price and sit on 1-2.5 acre average lot size. These third tier homes average 43 years old and 1664 square feet. The most affordable homes fall into the fourth pricing tier at an average asking price of $196,950 and sit on parcels 1-2.5 acres in average size. All pricing tiers but the top tier spend an average of 136-138 days on market while top tier properties take more than twice the time to sell.

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